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Exhibition with the Studio Collective "Our Village" Village Hall Gallery, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

The Studio Collective
Isabella Bannerman, Diane Brawarsky, Pepe Coronado, Barbara King, Gina Randazzo and Ed Young
The Studio Collective artists began collaborating in 2012. The members work on group projects and have rotating studio visits that provide the opportunity to view and discuss each participant’s ongoing practice.
For Our Village the group members set out thinking about the following question. Which specific sites, local issues, and personal feelings about our place in the community will set in motion an artwork or project? By sharing our images with the people that share the experience of living here, we look to build community with our neighbors. This project follows Our River, which examined the village’s industrial pollution and the future of the waterfront.

Village Hall Gallery
7 Maple Ave.
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
November 9, 2016 - January 18, 2017
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