Gina Randazzo

Curated by Barbara Zucker
Opening Reception: Sunday, January 7th from 5:30-7:30PM
This year for the 5th Biannual Currents Exhibition, Barbara Zucker, founding member of A.I.R., is focusing on abortion—a subject that has been kept hidden, is complex in nature, and is still just as vital as it was when A.I.R. first opened. This exhibition will feature over 70 artists who were given the opportunity to create work expressing their rage, acceptance, sorrow, ambivalence, and thoughts on abortion hoping to make an important contribution to our collective history.
Participating Artists:
Adrienne Jenkins, Alexander Bernon, Amy Cannestra, Amy Finkbeiner, Anne Ferrer, Audrey Anastasi, Bernadette Despujols, Cali Kurlan, Catherine Hall & Meg Lipke, Charlotte Woolf, Christophe Lima, Coco Hall, Cristin Millet, Cynthia Winika, d’Anne de Simone, Dani Sigler, Danielle Siegelbaum, Deborah Wasserman, Devra Fox, Divine Williams, Dottie Attie, Elaine Angelopoulos, Elke Solomon, Ellen Jong, Emily Carris, Eugenia Pigassiou, Gina Randazzo, Grace Burney, Greta Young, Heather Saunders & Cassandra, Heather Weathers, Ilona Granet, Indira Cesarine, Irene Gennaro, Jane Zweibel, Jessica Nissen, Julia Smith, Julia Buck, Justine Walker, Karen Meersohn, Kathy Grove, Katrina Majkut, Lannie Hart, Leslie Fry, Leslie Tucker, Marie Tomanova, Martha Edelheit, Martha Fleming-Ives, Maureen Connor, Mira Schor, Nadine Faraj, Nancy Hellebrand, Nancy Lasar, Nina Meledandri, Parastoo Ahoon, Pat Lasch, Perri Nerri, Rachel Lindsay, Rachel Portesi, Robin Adsit, Robin Jordan, Robin Tewes, Rosemary Meza-DesPlas, Ruth Owens, Sabra Moore, Sharon Haskell, Sooyeon Yun, Susan Carr, Valerie Hallier, Virginia Carey, Yael Ben-Zion
155 Plymouth Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Studio Collective Our Village

The Studio Collective
Isabella Bannerman, Diane Brawarsky, Pepe Coronado, Barbara King, Gina Randazzo and Ed Young
The Studio Collective artists began collaborating in 2012. The members work on group projects and have rotating studio visits that provide the opportunity to view and discuss each participant’s ongoing practice.
For Our Village the group members set out thinking about the following question. Which specific sites, local issues, and personal feelings about our place in the community will set in motion an artwork or project? By sharing our images with the people that share the experience of living here, we look to build community with our neighbors. This project follows Our River, which examined the village’s industrial pollution and the future of the waterfront.

Village Hall Gallery
7 Maple Ave.
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
November 9, 2016 - January 18, 2017
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