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ImMIGRATION at Riverfront Art Gallery

ImMIGRATION at Riverfront Art Gallery
ImMIGRATION  Curated by Haifa Bint-Kadi
Oct 31, 2019 - Jan 24, 2020
Exhibiting Artists:
Samer Akroush, Jose Antonio Arvelo, Isabella Bannerman, Haifa Bint-Kadi,
Diane Brawarsky, Barbara King, Carlos Mateu, Gina Randazzo,
Sania Samad, Patricia Stuart, Ramona Terrero, Roddy Wildeman
Gallery hours: Mon - Thurs 9am-8pm  Fri & Sat 9am-5pm  Sun 12pm-5pm
Riverfront Art Gallery l 1 Larkin Center, Yonkers, NY l

LISTEN: Artists Respond To Politics at Bronx Arts Space

LISTEN: Artists Respond To Politics at Bronx Arts Space
Artists Respond to Politics
February 27- April 6, 2019
Opening Reception
Wednesday, February 27, 6-9pm
Performance by JP-Anne Judy Giera
a ritual for trans affirmation, 7pm
Curated by Deborah Yasinsky

Francheska Alcantara, Seyi Adebanjo, Lizzy Alejandro, Pamela Cortez, JP-Anne Judy Giera, Barbara King, Jody MacDonald, Wyeth Moss, Gina Randazzo, Ruth Rodriguez, Christine
Sloan Stoddard , Rosemary Taylor, Sima Schloss
Binary gender profiling begins pre-birth. Testing assigns a sex in utero and the inculcation of the gender divide begins, from the unveiling parties that have arisen with gendered cakes assigned colors and symbols to highly specific offerings in clothing, toys and accessories for children. From the boy/girl lineup present in many schools to the numbers of women entering STEM careers, gender is ubiquitous, LISTEN: Artists Respond to Politics, explores the diversity of responses among 13 cis and trans women and gender non-conforming artists to our current political times and the #MeToo movement. Political upheaval forces society to name the wrong, to define oneself, to advocate for the rights of ourselves and others, and to respond to oppression of all marginalized groups. The artists explore social, political and gender constructs and how they play a part in sexual harassment, assault and the emergence of the #MeToo movement. Is there a direct correlation to how one is depicted and how they are treated? How are sexualized depictions of women in the media contributing to sexual assault? How are trans women and gender non-conforming persons represented in the media? How can the tide be shifted? In these troubling times voices need to be heard. We want you to listen and respond. Visitors will be asked to share their reactions, ideas and plans for confronting theseissues.
Francheska Alcantara’s work explores Caribbean culture and the diaspora. Alcantara examines core aspects of the #MeToo movement and the public and private aspects of coming forward about sexual assault and harassment. Seyi Adebanjo is a gender-non-conforming trans artist whose film focuses on the impact queer/trans/gender non-conforming persons are having in the Bronx and living proudly, with joy and boldness. Lizzy Alejandro’s work addresses menstrual equality and taxation of sanitary products as luxury items, encasing sanitary products in gold and jewels bringing to light the lack of equity in access to women’s health needs. Pamela Cortez’s digitally manipulated photographs depicts women as both powerful and delicate, possessing the ability to carry and give life. Based on the artist’s experience as a transgender femme-identified individual, JP-Anne Judy Giera’s mixed media installation elucidates the complexities of public restroom use
for transgender people and transforms it into a sacred space, a holder of “holy water”. Barbara King creates paper installations evocative of femininity and decoration. These cut paper patterns are presented in undulating rhythmic formations. Jody MacDonald explores identity, hierarchies, and stereotypes through poetry and humor inhersculptural figures. Wyeth Moss focuses on sexual identity, abuse, mental illness, and healing through ancestral remedies in detailed figurative drawings. Gina Randazzo documents protests and rallies through photography capturing the spirit of protesters through intense and colorful photographs. Ruth Rodriguez’s work questions the quality and validity of ornament, her figurative work is embedded in rich patterning, inspired by Afro-Caribbean and American Pop culture. Christine Sloan Stoddard’s work explores gender expectations through her vivid piece of a bloody vagina and poem. Rosemary Taylor’s mixed media collages confront representations of the female body in media and race and gender in voting patterns. Sima Schloss’s work contains a raw emotionality using layers of vellum creating depth of experience and a luminous quality of a person turned insideout.
Deborah Yasinsky is an artist, curator and the Curator of Education at Lehman College Art Gallery. Deborah has exhibited at Dominican University, Local Project Art Space, 14 Street Y Gallery, Trestle Online Gallery, Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, Riverfront Art Gallery, Urban Studio Unbound, Blue Door Gallery, Pubic Appliance, YoHo Artists, Purchase College PC4, and YAW. Currently she is an MFA in painting candidate at LC, CUNY, she holds an M.S., Ed in Museum Education from Bank Street College of Education, a BA in Fine Arts from Stern College, YU, and an AAS in Textile/Surface Design from FIT.
BronxArtSpace (BAS) is a non-profit gallery that promotes the innovative ideas of underrepresented and emerging artists and curators. BAS is dedicated to exhibiting the highest quality artwork from the Bronx and beyond in order to foster dialogue around today's pressing issues and advance local arts education and opportunities. BAS is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization, and is generously supported by private donors and public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in Partnership with City Councilmember Diana Ayala and The New York State Council on the Arts. BAS is a member of the Urban Arts Cooperative.

Gallery hours: Wed - Fri 12 - 6:30, Sat 12 - 5pm

PAPER 2019 at Silvermine Arts Center

PAPER 2019 at Silvermine Arts Center
April 3 through May 16, 2019
Opening Reception – Sunday, April 7, 2-4pm

PAPER 2019 features pieces by artists working in paper broadly considered. The aim of the exhibition is to highlight the vitality, diversity, sense of experimentation and skillful execution and the many ways in which contemporary artists approach this material. 

Curated by Jennifer Farrell, Associate Curator Drawings and Prints, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC 

Angela A'Court, J.L. Abraham, Dustin Adams, Tommy Anastasio, Theo. A. Artz, Chellis Baird, Sandra Baker, Anita Gangi Balkun, Justin Barfield, Lisa Berger, Miriam Bisceglia, Mariella Bisson, Emily Blundell, Sonia Bombart, Larissa Borteh, McCormick Brubaker, Nina Buxenbaum, Jennifer Cadoff, Helen Cantrell, Ann Chernow, Marcia Cooper, Aurélien Couput, Ivy Dachman, Marina Daneva, Elysa DeMartini, James Dormer, Katharine Draper, Alanna Fagan, Arlene Farenci, Ecka Blaire Faulds, Donna Forma, Sally Frank, Catherine Freudenberg, Leslie Fry, Hanneke Goedkoop, Vincent Hawley, Fran Henry-Meehan, Kate Holcomb Hale, Lauren Horelick, Renée Hughes, Leandre Jackson, Mary Janacek, Christina Kang, Judith Orseck Katz, Elisa Keogh, Barbara King, Lara Knutson, Karleen Kubat, Carole P. Kunstadt, Nancy Lasar, Liz Leggett, Wayne Madsen, Victoria Manning, Ellen Mason, Mary McFerran, Kiyoshi Otsuka, Maryanne Pollock, Gina Randazzo, Barbara Ringer, Gerald Saladyga, Susan Siegel, Marisa Silverstein, Taro Takizawa, Keith Thomson, Job Tibay, Lynne Tobin, Cedric van Eenoo, Evan Venegas, Gregg Welz


Boundaries at Westchester Community College Fine Arts Gallery

Boundaries at Westchester Community College Fine Arts Gallery
A Katonah Museum Artists Association Exhibition
Curated by Natasha Karpenskaia
May 15 - June 14, 2019
Reception Saturday May 18, 1-3 pm

Geographical, political, personal, gender-related, restricting, protecting, frightening, enticing, behavioral, societal, cultural—boundaries surround us and challenge us. What boundaries make you feel comfortable? What boundaries do you object to? What are the boundaries you have broken through? The history of art and of mankind evolves around the establishment and destruction of boundaries. The subject has been brought to light again in the current political discourse and we will take a look at it through an artistic frame of reference in this exhibit.

Exhibiting Artists:
Liz Biddle, Sherry Camhy, Sharon Cavagnolo, Samantha Curtis, Kiffi Diamond, Sheila Fane, Sondra Gold, Michael Graham, Nils Hill, Tracy Hoffman, Ginny Howsam Friedman,
Sheryl Intrator, Barbara Masterson, Howard Menken, Bernard Mindich, Carole Paley,
Gina Randazzo, Dyan Rosenberg, Sania Samad, Nancy Scherl, Arle Sklar-Weinstein,
Julie Testwuide, Stuart Vance, Mitchell Visoky, Les Von Losberg

Westchester Community College Fine Arts Gallery
75 Grasslands Road, Valhalla, NY

Gallery hours: Mon-Sat 10-3 and Thurs evenings 4-6

Womantide at Riverfront Art Gallery

Womantide at Riverfront Art Gallery
March 7 - Aprill 22
Curated by Haifa Bint-Kadi
Opening Reception
Thursday, March 7th 5:30-7:30 p.m

Women's art work continues to be undervalued, overlooked and under-represented simply because the work is created by a woman. In fact, even if a female artist's work is cast into the limelight as a "rediscovery" such as Bonheur, Gentileschi, Scipio Moorhead or Alma Thomas, it soon is forgotten once again. Are female artists "getting their turn" as the New York Times proclaimed in 2016? In this exhibit we are celebrating female artists by dedicating our gallery not to women's work, but powerful work created by women who refuse to be overlooked.
Participating Artists:
‚ÄčIsabella Bannerman, Diane Brawarsky, Donna Faranda, Connie Freid, Debbie Gioello, Diane Greene, Mara Gross, Ysabella Hincapié-Gara, Zeus Hope, Barbara King, Teresa Lamb, Milai Liang, Lisa Miller, Fani Miller-Beard, Damali L. Murray, 
Sheila Perelman, Gina Randazzo, Virginia Soyka, Susan Steeg, Patricia Stuart, 
Alacia Stubbs, Claudia Thuleweit, Leslie Weissman, Karen Wyks-LIndsay